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What makes Confetti Peppers different?

During store demos, I get the opportunity to introduce Confetti Peppers to a wide range of customers. I love seeing people's reactions and hearing them say "This is delicious" after the first bite. I am passionate about giving you a quality product and amazing "Party of Flavor!"

Here are a few things that make Confetti Peppers different from the rest:

  • Confetti Peppers have a unique cut and preparation - delicious pepper ribbons are seasoned with a secret blend of herbs and spices

  • Vibrant and colorful, Confetti Peppers add a festive look to your favorite dishes and platters.

  • Confetti Peppers are banana and red bell peppers, seasoned with herbs and spices, and packed in canola oil to add layers of flavor.

  • Not only delicious, Confetti Peppers are filled with vitamins and abundant in nutritional value.

  • Specially prepared by a proprietary method to maintain a high-quality, crisp, fresh taste that can be enjoyed from the jar or added to recipes.

  • Add pizazz to mundane meals. Top sandwiches, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, pasta, and salads with a burst of flavor.

  • A truly versatile pantry item - add to recipes, eat out of the jar, use as a topping, dressing, or condiment!

  • A local small business, Confetti Peppers was created in the heart of Massillon, Ohio, USA!

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