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Entrepreneur and Stock Trader, Valita Ross began her journey as The Pepper Queen after sharing and sampling canned peppers with friends and family over the years.  On a memorable fall day, her husband surprised her with several bushels of fresh, ripe peppers from the Ohio Amish country. Not wanting to waste a single one, Valita began experimenting with her recipes, spices, and herbs, making batch after of batch of peppers.  She shared jars with friends - and the response was overwhelmingly unanimous.  "This is delicious - you should get it on the market!" So that's exactly what she did.  Confetti Peppers are available online and at these locations.  Valita can be seen on New Day Cleveland sharing her favorite flavor popping recipes and at in-store appearances sampling her famous creations.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Confetti Peppers?

A: An all-natural and distinctive condiment. CP are “magic in a jar.” Not only the “ultimate sandwich topping,” they’re also an essential pantry item that gets the flavor “poppin” in many recipes. Bursting with flavor, unique “ribbon” cut, seasoned with herbs and spices, and packed in canola oil.  Three flavors, Mild: sweet banana pepper with little to no heat. Seasoned with Italian herbs. Hot: hot banana pepper; nice little kick. Seasoned with Italian herbs.

Spicy= hot banana pepper; Seasoned with zesty spices (i.e. taco seasonings)


Q: How hot is the hot?

A: It will wake up your taste buds but won’t sear your tongue. A nice kick without overwhelming heat. If you want to make CP hotter add red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, habanero powder, or your favorite hot sauce.


Q: What is the difference between Hot and Spicy?

A: Both are hot. Main difference is the seasonings. Hot=Italian herbs, Spicy=zesty spices (i.e. taco seasonings)


Q: How long can I keep them?

A: CP have a shelf life of 1-1/2 years from the pack date without any artificial ingredients. They are shelf-stable until opened, then must be refrigerated to maintain their freshness.

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